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Welcome to Poulshot Nurseries.
This is your virtual look around our Nursery.
Please feel free to scroll through some pictures
of the Nursery through the seasons.
Arial view of the nursery

This gives you an impression of the layout of the Nursery

Nursery view of fully grown shrubs

Areal view of some of the growing area

More plants in early stage of growthPlants in the early stages of growth

A shot of one of the beds in the deep mid winter from 1999 to 2015

Plants outside in the snow January 2010Plants outside in the winter of 1999-2000

Sure there are plants under there!!Quality in progress

A winter shot of the latest technology in greenhouses. 
The roof and sides can open and close at the turn of a switch, 
in these conditions the roof remains closed.

The greenhouse during winter timeRoof closed

When the weather warms up in spring, we keep the roof open so we can create a complete outside environment.
As it is fully computerized, the roof and sides close when the temperature drops towards freezing at night, 

so all this will ensure that your plants are tough and hardy as they are kept in almost outside conditions.

inside green greenhouseRoof half open

Inside greenhousePlants overwintering in one of the tunnels

 Orders ready for dispatch

Deliveries are done by our own transport on Danish trolleys.

Our delivery wagon

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poulshot Nurseriespoulshot Nurseriespoulshot Nurseriespoulshot Nurseriespoulshot Nurseries

homehome productsproducts looking goodlooking good view the nurseryview the nursery
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